Trading the $EURUSD after FOMC

Although it is hard to predict what the $EURUSD will do next, we have had some nice possible trading setups last week. You can see on the one hour chart the fast move into support after the FOMC the day before yesterday.

A fast move into support usually is not an indication of a braek, but often the opposite. As you can see after the fast move down, in which the buyers come in again. The bar with the large spike (at the arrow) was the perfect opportunity to go long, perhaps as a swing trade, which would mean that your take profit would have been around this level and you would have earned around 2.8 times your risk.

So you see, beautiful opportunities arise after high impact economic events like the FOMC. So you don’t trade the news, but the moves after the news.

(I regularly post trading ideas like this on my wall. If you find them of interest or have any use, add me to a watch list and don’t miss out on any of them. Keep in mind that not every idea or trade works out and wait for a setup instead of immediately trade at a certain price level (support/resistance). Set your stop loss accordingly to the risk you are willing to take and never let your risk exceed 2% of your balance/account. I trade these analysis myself, if the setup occurs and my risk management permits.)

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